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From: Dave Guindon
Date: Tuesday Sep 1, 2015

Dear Affiliate Enthusiast,

If you're interested in receiving huge commission payments by simply referring others to a product that literally "Sells" itself ... then you are on the EXACT web page you have been dreaming about!

This technology is HOT right now because ... it WORKS! Virtual Smart Agent will increase your conversions of whatever your end goal may be. No matter if it's sales, opt-ins, or getting people to tell you why they are leaving your website ... VSA will improve your website's response BIG TIME!

In fact, I was generating 80% conversions from traffic that was LEAVING my website. In other words, non-interested people try to leave my site ... and then VSA turned them into happy buying customers.

Simply shocking to say the least. But rest assured that VSA actually works, and works very well. As a result, it sells very well.

Ok, enough blabbing ... here are the details of what I am offering in this affiliate program.

How it works

check The Virtual Smart Agent affiliate tracking system runs directly from our website accurately keeping track of all traffic through your affiliate link.
check We'll do all the work, handle all the customer support, ship the product, and everything else.
check All you do is simply follow the included step-by-step affiliate guide given below on this web page.
check Be up and running TODAY - after you fill out the Sign-Up Form, you will receive an email with all the information you need to start immediately!

Earn 50% commissions on every sale!

check If someone visits our site and does not buy today, but re-visits the site anytime within the next 5 years and purchases a software package, you still earn your commission!
check We have a very high customer conversion rate. While the industry average is 1%, our conversion rate is nearly 9%...which means you earn five-times more on the traffic you send us!
check Track your earnings in real time through your stats link.
check You get paid each & every month. Guaranteed.

When do you get paid?

check All commissions are paid out the first week of every month for all commissions earned the previous month. We try to pay out the commissions on the first day of each month.



I only pay commissions through PayPal!
You don't have to wait for your check in the mail.

Payout Schedule

ALL Commissions are paid out the first week of every month!

Sometimes I forget to send the payments on the first day of the month ... but I ALWAYS pay all commissions every month. I try to pay them out on the first day of each month but sometimes I get them out later in the week.

Don't have a PayPal's free. Click here for details. (link opens in a new window)


STEP 1 - Enter Your Affiliate Link

First you must signup for a free affiliate account here to receive your unique affiliate link. Next, simply enter your link below and click the update button. As a result, all the links in the marketing material on this page will be replaced with your affiliate link.

Your Affiliate Link:
Get one here


STEP 2 - Cloak Your Affiliate Link

How to Cloak Your Affiliate Links

First, enter you affiliate link in step 1 above and click the update button. Next, simply click the Download File button below and save the php file to your computer. Finally, upload that file to your website and the location of that file is your new affiliate link.

You can also change the name of the file to what ever you want. For example, let's say your website is, and you named the file link.php ... then, your affiliate link is:



STEP 3 - Send Out Solo Emails

Solo Emails

Copy and paste the solo emails below into your autoresponder now and schedule them to go out in the morning. I have the best success when I deliver emails between 8:30am to 11:00am EST. Also, the {!firstname_fix} is the place holder for the subscribers first name and corresponds to the autoresponder service. They are among the best services on the planet and are responsible for 80% of all my profits!

Email #1

Email #2


STEP 4 - Insert Banners Into Your Web site(s) and/or Blog(s)


Copy and paste the ready-made html code into your high traffic web pages. Also, you can insert these banners into your blog as well as right inside your eBay about me page.

Banner #1 (468x60)

Banner #2 (160x80)

Banner #3 (468x60)


STEP 5 - Insert Signature Ads In All Your Outgoing Emails

Signature Ads

Simply copy and paste one of the following signature ads into all of your outgoing emails. There is usually a feature inside an email program that allows you to insert a signature. I use Outlook to process all my incoming and outgoing emails from my computer and under Tools > Options > Mail Format ... there is a button named "Signatures...". In that section is where I can put signature ads.

I'm not sure ... but there are probably sections in other email providers such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol ... ect. that offer a similar feature. Use the corresponding help section in your email program or service to find out how to insert a signature ad into all your outgoing emails.

Signature #1

Signature #2

Signature #3

Signature #4


STEP 6 - Insert This Blog Post into Your Blog

Blog Post

Go ahead and plug the following blog post into your blog. If you do not have a blog, then jump on over to to get one for free.

Also ... I have recorded a 25 video on advanced blogging techniques for making money using blogs. These videos are provided in my private members video site. Here is a secret discount to watch those videos: Click Here for Discount.

Blog Post Preview
Title: New Extreme Website Conversion Software Promises 40% More Sales!

So ... what is Virtual Smart Agent and how can it benefit you?

This technology is so new ... it almost looks like science fiction! VSA is the world's FIRST stand-alone Virtual Sales Agent enables you to put an automated chat solution on your website WITHOUT having to pay someone else for the service...

But I didn't stop there. I also made it BETTER than anything else out there, by making it possible for you to train your virtual agent, split-test the results, and even build your opt-in list on autopilot!

This technological masterpiece has already been PROVEN to boost sales by up
to 40%, and the marketers who manage to get their hands on it are going to
be at a huge competitive advantage.

Not only does it boost sales, but it can also build your list on autopilot,
and even increase your affiliate commissions.

It's basically like having your own virtual "employee" that never sleeps. It
just keeps working for you and building your business 24/7 with no breaks.

You see, Dave Guindon, the product owner, is also an experienced online marketer as well as an advanced software developer. So he knows how to deliver quality products along with how to use the products to your advantage.

Not many product owners even attempt to over-deliver as much as Dave does!

Here is a short list of the powerful features this software provides:

  • Increase your website conversions up to 20-40% in a little as 2 weeks!
  • Dramatically reduce your shopping cart abandonment.
  • Instantly increase the value of each website visitor.
  • Improve your website visitor's experience (builds trust and repeat business).
  • Increase your customer loyalty and overall satisfaction.
  • Quickly grow a highly responsive opt-in list of interested prospects.
  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Save time by reducing questions and support requests.
  • Up-sell or cross-sell similar and/or additional products to boost your revenue.
  • Find out WHY customers are leaving your site.
  • One installation works on ALL your websites... boost your entire business!
  • Builds your opt-in list on autopilot!
  • Auto follow-up emails to your web visitors after they leave your chats!
  • And a lot more ...

Dave Guindon offers an unbelievable LIFETIME money back guarantee!

So you basically have nothing to lose ... I didn't! The software works great and I use it everyday.

Thanks for Reading,





STEP 7 - Run PPC to Earn Even More Commissions

PPC Ads & Keywords

Use These PPC Ads And Keywords List Or Create Your Own To Drive Traffic To Hot Item Finder Via Pay-Per-Click Services Like: Google Ad Words, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Ad Center.

Here are some others to try:

Virtual Smart Agent
Boost Online Sales Up To 40%
No Monthly Fees. Ever!
Virtual Intelligent Agent
Increase Website Sales Up To 40%
Lifetime Money Back Guarantee!
Automated Chat Solution
Increase Sales + Build Your List
Reduce Cart Abandonment!
Virtual Chat Agent
Increase Website Conversions
Up to 40% in 14 Days on Autopilot!
Targeted Keywords List


STEP 8 - Submit Articles


Write a short review and/or article of Virtual Smart Agent emphasizing the benefits as well as how VSA can solve people's problems. Include your affiliate link at the end of the review. Post your review to free sites such as:




Here are an additional 47 free article submission sites you can use:


STEP 9 - Submit Ezine Ads

Ezine Sites

Use any of the marketing material provided on this page and submit it to several of the following ezines. An Ezine is an electronic magazine ... in other words, like a newsletter. I honestly do not have a lot of experience with submitting to ezines so please refrain from asking me how ... I would actually love to hear your feedback :o)

Directory of Ezines This directory will allow you to reach over 30,000,000 inboxes. If you're very serious about promoting our site, do a search on all Ezines with over 100,000 circulation and do a test. If it works, keep going.
Work At Home News $99.95 per Solo Ad, $39.95 per Top Sponsor Ad.
Super Promo $149.95 per Solo Ad, $29.00 Top Sponsor.
Nova News $197 per Solo Ad, $77 per Top Sponsor Ad. ($497 per 3 Solo Ads, $317 per 5 Top Sponsor Ads.)
Admistress Advertising $175 per Solo Ads To All Participating Ezines (with 48 Hours Guarantee), $110 per per Solo Ads To All Participating Ezines.
Village Of Tidbits $30 per Solo Ad.
Xtreme Marketing Tips $199 per Solo Ad, $99 per Top Sponsor Ad.
ProbizTips $197 per Solo Ad, $87 per Top Sponsor Ad, $37 per Middle SponsorAd
Getresponse Smart Ads $299.95 per 100k Smart Ads, $199.95 per 50k Smart Ads, $99.95 per 20k Smart Ads..
Rim Digest $149 per Solo Ad, $50 per Top Sponsor Ad.
Cash From Home $99.95 per Solo Ad, $39.95 per Top Sponsor Ad.
The Guru Marketer $50 per Solo Ad.
BizWeb E-Gazette $675 per Top Sponsor Ad, $675 per Middle Sponsor Ad, $360 per Bottom Sponsor Ad.
DEMC E-Magazine $1,397 per Solo Ad, $227 per Top Sponsor Ad.
Web Marketing Today $250 per 2-Line Ad in Web Marketing Today, $150 per 2-Line Ad in Doctor Ebiz.
The Affiliate Review $44 per Solo Ad.
2 Bucks An Ad $10 per ad to 10 Ezines ($90 per ad to 90 Ezines).
Sendfree Advertising $47 per Top Sponsor Autoresponder Ad.
The Millenia $120 per Solo Ad.
Online Exchange $90 per Solo Ad, $40 per Top Sponsor Ad.
Ultimate Traffic System $300 for 3 Solo Ads, $217 for 2 Solo Ads, $117 for 1 Solo Ad.
Straight Talkers $50 per Solo Ad, $25 per Top Sponsor Ad
Biz Site Biz $55 per Solo Ad, $45 per Top Sponsor Ad
Dollarmines $120 per Solo Ad, $50 per Top Sponsor A

Other Sites to Place Solo Ads

The Successful Marketing Ezine
Click Here to Visit the Website

Smart-list Solo Ads
Click Here to Visit the Website

The BizBarrel Newsletter

The Millennia Web Magazine

Premier Opt In

More Suggested Ezine Sites

Email promotions

BizSiteBiz Ezine

Premier Opt In

Super Promo

Pro Biz Tips



STEP 10 - Participate in Online Forums


Here's a list of the top forums as listed at Mike Merz top forums list.  Some are more popular and have more traffic then others, but all are great places to get traffic back to your affiliate link.

NOTE: you can NOT spam any of these forums with your ads.  If you do, you're account will be deleted.  You can use the signature lines above directing people back to your affiliate link.

To find out what is acceptable when posting to forums, please read this short article:


STEP 11 - Submit Classified Ads

Classified Sites

Use the marketing material available on this page and create short classified ads to submit to the following sites. Most are free ... go to love free advertising!

Craigs List Kijiji AOL Classifieds
Yahoo Classifieds NWClassifieds 1Stopclassifieds
FreeClassifiedLinks Classified2000 Americanet
ClassifiedForFree 1AmericaMall Classified Submission
iNetGiant Logsplitters wwwClassifieds 5StarAds USFreeAds


STEP 12 - Some Alternative Advertising Opportunitites

Other Advertising Sites

The Affiliate Classroom - Lots of great resources for affiliates. Only $1.00.

AdBrite - AdBrite offers ad space on thousands of websites.

Crisp Ads - Keyword based blog advertising.

Blog Ads - Blogads is a network of bloggers who accept advertising.

Claria - A leader in online behavioral marketing. Serving 1000's of advertisers.

Fast Click - An advertising network with over 9,000 hand-qualified sites.

Affiliate Fuel - Affiliate Fuel provides a low-risk, high-return advertising. - Drive high-volume results with our powerful solutions.

Search Feed - Reach your primary audience through cost-effective advertising.

Revenue Magazine - Focuses on the performance marketing industry.

ReveNews - Focusing on online and affiliate marketing.

Response Magazine - The definitive publication in direct response marketing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and I hope you have great success promoting Virtual Smart Agent. Here's To Health, Wealth and Abundance!


Dave Guindon

B.Eng., M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

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